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https monitoring simple and intuitive.


When you run an online service, you need to ensure your software is secure.


GDPR and other regulations require you to be secure by design.

Your users expect you to you to follow the best security principles possible.

The miharu Security Scanner makes sure your HTTP security headers are up to date and will inform you when something changes. No more accidental changes of your first line of security defenses.

How it works

We continuously scan your apps and notify you when your headers change.

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Sign up to get started. Add the domains you want to have continuously scanned.
Get a rating of your current configuration and actionable tips to improve it.
Focus on building your product and don't worry anymore. From now on you will become notified when things change.


Continuous scanning of your first line of defense. Alerting on changes that would weaken your security.

Automated 24/7 scanning and alerting. We run scans on various schedules depending on your needs.
Always up to date We will inform you of new standards, and help you get started with them.
SSL Monitoring We are testing SSL monitoring with a selected range of customers at the moment. Let us know is you are interested
Enterprise Ready We offer on premise (AWS, GCloud and, your datacenter) out of the box.


Frequently asked questions

Why are you building miharu?
It bothers us that something like HTTP headers, that offers easy security is still not state of the art on every application. And even when added, they tend to be removed by accident.
Who should use this?
Anyone running and building an application that interacts with people and customers. No matter if you run a small online shop or a SaaS, you should have your headers and SSL in order.
Will you be noisy?
No we only send you alerts when something changes and your users are at risk. We are fans of inbox zero, and will not send you emails of all kinds.
Can I use it for my free and non commercial project?
Yes, please do. Please contact us and we figure out how to make this happen.
Do you support SSL?
We are currently working on SSL monitoring. Drop us a line if you are interested in participating as a beta tester.
Are you enterprise ready?
miharu runs on premise and can be deployed in any environment you wish. Send us a message and we are happy to discuss the details.

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